Remembrance Act.for Ch.
2018 2-Sep 9-Sep 16-Sep 23-Sep 30-Sep 7-Oct 14-Oct 21-Oct 28-Oct 4-Nov 11-Nov 18-Nov 25-Nov 2-Dec 9-Dec 16-Dec 23-Dec 30-Dec
13-May-18           10-Apr-16                                                                  
at Main S     HF US  at St S   Sarah US US  at St S CW US  at St Teal & S   Sarah
        10:30am Street Crouchley Crouchley Crouchley Fawcett Andrew's Crouchley Crouchley Crouchley Crouchley Andrew's Crouchley Worship Andrew's Crouchley Crouchley Crouchley Moore
H&P & MP Comb.       CW                       Dec. 24th  
6:30 p.m.         Worship                   Carols Christingle  
     10:30 am Nolan                          
People's Hall tbc       Cyril     Bob       Angela      
        10:30am           Ashton       Dawson       Mills        
 Cautley       HF US  at     Pam     at         Sarah   US
          11am Crouchley Nolan Middleton Thwaite St Mark's OA J Allen Dent Fawcett W Allen Sedbergh Park Nolan Middleton Fawcett Crouchley J Allen Nolan
MHB & MP Comb. S     2 p.m.                            
 Dentdale  6:30 pm HF 2 p.m. 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 6:30 pm 2 p.m. at 2 p.m. 2 p.m. SoP 2 pm US  at St US at
2 p.m.
  Carols at   Pam
from Oct: 2 p.m. Middleton Peter W Allen Pam OA Nolan Dent Martin J Allen Anne Andrew's
St John's
Fawcett Crouchley Ann Dent W Allen Dent
MHB, Compl.MP, H&P   Gorst  
    Foot Dodds   Petyt 10:30       Wright Foot    
Dent Foot    at         HF     at Pam     Martin at Carols   at
2pm J Allen Dentdale Park Crouchley W Allen Middleton tba OA Nolan Dentdale Dent J Allen Park Dodds Dentdale Nolan Middleton Dentdale
MHB & MP1       S                            
 Garsdale at US at at   US  HF   at   at at US   at at US Pam  
 Low Smithy  2pm St John's Sarah Street St John's Nolan Bainbridge Park Street W Allen St John's Hawes Crouchley OA St John's Street Fawcett Dent Park
MHB & Compl. MP+   Crouchley   HF   2 pm & 6:30       & Street Junction S            
 Garsdale at at Low US   HF at   at Low   US  SoP Pam CA at at Low   at Carols at Low    
  Street   6:30pm St John's Smithy tbc St John's Park Smithy Crouchley Nora Dent Marston Hawes Smithy OA St John's Pam Smithy Park Nolan
MHB, MP1, OF,  H&P     2 p.m. only HF     S Alderson   2 p.m. only Junction       Dent                                      
Saturday 8th at 7:30 pm
Harvest Supper
Orton Male Voice Choir
                  US  2 p.m.      
Saturday 15th at 7:30 pm
Carols by Candlelight
Longton Family
 Junction                   Crouchley              
MHB & MP1                     Remembrance              
MHB - Methodist Hymn Book AAW - All-age worship            CA - Chapel Anniversary            CS - Covenant Service             CM - Camp Meeting           CW - Contemporary Worship   
H&P - Hymns & Psalms HF - Harvest Festival       HS - Healing Service         HM - Home Missions          OA - Own Arrangement              S - Sacrament            SoP - Songs of Praise               
MP1 - Mission Praise 1   SCC - Sunday Club Celebration       tba - to be arranged      tbc - to be confirmed      US - United Service       WL - Worship leaders (Anne & Hazel)        WGA - Wesley Guild Anniversary    
MP Comb. - Mission Praise
               Combined   Requests for the next plan should be in the hands of Philip Nolan by November 7th, 2018                    
Compl. MP - Complete   Preachers are expected to fulfil their own appointments or provide an accredited substitute.  
                     Mission Praise            No appointment on the plan should be changed without the consent of the person appointed and the Minister being informed.                    
 (+=4th edition with 1250 hymns)
OF - Old Favourites  (Sankey etc.) Monday, October 8th at 7:30 p.m.  Low Smithy harvest sale.
Tuesday, December 25th at 10:30 a.m:  Christmas Celebration at New Street.