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We would like to publish a list here of where squirrels have been seen in Garsdale recently.
Reds squirrels are seen at Reachey (Grisedale), at Mudbecks, Railway Cottages, Banks,
East Littletown, Paradise, Dandra Garth, Coat Weggs, The Hive, The Firs, Rackenthwaite, Fold Gill, Whitbeck, Nether House ....      A map of recent sightings is here: >>>>>>
They regularly cross the main road at Banks, The Street, The Firs and Whitbeck.  Please take care where you see warning notices.
Please e-mail other sightings.  Click here for pictures: >>>>>>>>>

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 Red Squirrel                                    Grey Squirrel

Small and dainty                              Stocky, No ear tufts

     Ear tufts (except in summer)               White ‘halo’ around tail                                              

Red squirrels are an endangered species and this is one of their last English strongholds. 
The main reason for their decline is the spread of the introduced American Grey Squirrel.

Garsdale is part of the "Greenfields Stronghold".   A new website for GarsdaleRedSquirrels is being prepared.

It is important that the local volunteers gather all information on squirrel distribution.


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