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High Fawes 

Garsdale Foot 

Pot Gill   #

Nether House 

Whitbeck Barn

Whitbeck Cottage 

Whitbeck House 

Hole House 

Stephens Farm 

Stephens Farm Cottage 

Fold Gill 

Hawksworth House 

Kiln Haw  

West Mostard 

East Mostard 

West Hind Keld 

East Hind Keld  

Lindsay Fold Farm 

Bellow End 

Long Holme 

Rowantree  (Front) 

Bellow Hill   (Blirtses) 

This is a list of all inhabitable houses in the dale (please let me know if I have missed any!)
in order from West to East.  (# indicates currently not inhabited)

Pictures and some history will be added later.

If you have any memories of Garsdale houses, please e-mail them to :  e-mail address

Personal memories will be published on the memories page
(with your name & e-mail unless you prefer not to have these published).
Historical information will be published here later.

Because of Data Protection, current inhabitants will not be listed, but a list of all those who lived in each house in the past  is being compiled and will eventually be added here.

If anyone has old photographs or any additional information on the history of the houses before 1841, especially any information on when each house was built, I would be very grateful if you would allow me to scan photos and record the history.

Thank you to Kevin Lancaster of Sedbergh & District History Society for the information he has compiled.

West Bridge End (Rattenrow)

Bridge End Bungalow 

East Bridge End 

Thwaite Head 

Pike Hill  

Badger Dub Cottage 

Badger Dub House 

Birkrigg Farm  

Fawcetts Farm 

Swarthgill House 

Swarthgill Barn 

Swarthgill Cottage 

Parringtons  (Formerly Dales View / Rivermead) 


West Rackenthwaite 

East Rackenthwaite

The Hill 



Slack Cottage 

Lucid Training Centre 

Slack House 

Low House   

Blades Farm 

Low Smithy Chapel 

Beckside Cottage       

Farriers Cottage 

Smorthwaite Cottage

Smorthwaite Hill

The Firs 

School House 

Village Hall 

Garsdale Hall   # 


St John's Church 

Roger Pot 

Squirrel Cottage 

The Hive 

1 North View 

2 North View  

3 North View 

Garsdale Street Chapel 


Rose Cottage 

Pinfold Farm 

Pinfold House 

Old Police House 

Ben Bridge Cottage 

West Paradise 

West Cote Weggs 

Middle Paradise 

Paradise Cottage 

East Paradise 

High Paradise 

Dandra Garth 

West Littletown Barn 

West Littletown 

East Cote Weggs Cottage 

East Cote Weggs 

East Littletown 


Crossthwaite Cottage 


Long House 

Old Joinery 


West Scar House 

Low Scar 

Bracken Beck 

Ing Heads 

Knudmanning Barn      

Knudmanning Farmhouse 

Knudmanning Cottage 

Garth Gill House          

Grouse Hall     

Blakemire       (Grisedale)   

Mouse Syke       (Grisedale)

Chapel House     (Grisedale)

Beck House     (Grisedale)

Reachey             (Grisedale)

Aldershaw          (Grisedale)   

Moor Rigg Cottage    (Grisedale)

Moor Rigg Farm      (Grisedale) 

Moor Rigg Barn     (Grisedale)       

East House            (Grisedale)

Fea Fow          (Grisedale)

Low Scale  

High Scale #   

Far End 

Junction Cottage (formerly Junction Inn)         

Clough House  (or Clough Farm)

Clough Cottage            

Clough View   

East Clough    

Moorland View 

1 Railway Cottages      

2 Railway Cottages      

3 Railway Cottages      

4 Railway Cottages    

5 Railway Cottages       

6 Railway Cottages 

Mount Zion Chapel

7 Railway Cottages 

8 Railway Cottages  

9 Railway Cottages  

10 Railway Cottages  

11 Railway Cottages  

12 Railway Cottages  

13 Railway Cottages  

14 Railway Cottages 

15 Railway Cottages  

16 Railway Cottages    


West Mudbecks 

East Mudbecks 

Mudbecks Barn    


Low Moor  

Mount Zion Chapel

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